China (Shenzhen) Cross Border E-Commerce 2021 (CCBEC)

On September 16, 2021, the Jiangsu Huayiknit team went to Shenzhen to participate in the cross-border e-commerce trade show.

It is still a series of products that we are proud of comfortable woven blankets, sexy bodystocking and bodysuits, fishnet stockings, a trend leader that has always been in demand, and a new star in the medical industry, disposable medical nets.

The exhibition lasted for three days. Under the influence of the global pandemic, cross-border e-commerce trade attracted people's attention. At the scene, many exhibitors from all over the world are exchanging products in their respective industries, seeking new cooperation and opportunities. There are also many foreign trade companies trying to find new partners among these suppliers.

Huayiknit's products attract customers with its unique warp knitting technology. After learning about the products, they are full of praise for this kind of products, and the machines used by huayiknit are all machines from Germany, and the craftsmanship can be comparable to the first-line level in Europe and the United States. In terms of cost, we have a greater advantage than European and American manufacturers.

This is the first time that huayiknit has participated in a cross-border e-commerce trade show. Although it is the first time, it has also received a lot of inquiries. This means that in cross-border e-commerce, we still have a lot of space to explore.