2020 Arab Health Exhibition

First of all, we wish you a very happy Chinese New Year!
As you may know, the terrifying coronavirus broke out just a few days before the Chinese New Year. Two of our colleagues, Ben and Vivian, however, were not afraid of the epidemic. By taking detailed measures to protect themselves, they set off to Dubai to attend the 2020 Arab Health Exhibition which we had been preparing for months.

We showcased our patented mesh fixation pants at Arab Health for the first time, adding new products to the disposable medical supplies industry. Our products attracted a lot of attention from the visitors, providing its benefits and affordability.
In case you are not familiar with our products, here are some explanations:
Incontinence Fixation Pants:
Incontinence Fixation Pants, also known as Disposable Mesh Pants, are specifically designed figure-hugging pants to hold shaped incontinence pads securely in place. With their close body fit, these pants will ensure that a pad is held securely in place, enabling the wearer to continue their daily life with confidence. The figure-hugging material holds the pad in place, reducing the chance of any leaks.
The elasticated material stretches with the body to allow for freedom of movement, whilst being both breathable and lightweight. This makes the pants suitable for those with sensitive skin, whilst also reducing the chance of sores when worn by those who are bed bound.
The mesh pants are also suitable for spa and massage.
100% nylon
Nylon and spandex
Colour: Customizable
Size: Customizable
Tubular Mesh Bandage:
Available in different sizes suitable for any part of the body.
Easy application, may be cut anywhere, does not run or fray.
Both lengthwise and crosswise stretch for quick, easy application.
Conforms to joints securely and will not wrinkle or slip.
Durable and economical, may be washed for reuse.
Latex free
Material: Polyester & Spandex
Colour: White
Size: Customizable
This exhibition allowed us to show the globe with our excellent medical products, which are made possible by using world-leading, patented technology. We will continue to work tirelessly to provide our clients with high-quality and innovative products. Get in touch now to ask for free samples and price list!
Thanks for reading!