China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF)Shanghai 2021

One exhibition, one industry, one meeting, one world
"Innovative Technology Leads the Future" 84th CMEF Finally grand opening
Brand new upgrade, subvert the imagination Nearly 300,000 square meters, nearly 5,000 brand enterprises at home and abroad
This is a carnival ceremony for medical professionals from all over the world 70 conferences and forums, 500+ industry experts
This is a flagship platform for the integration and development of academia and technology
Innovative products are released in a "blowout" style, attracting professional audiences to come to A journey of opportunity to share the world's business opportunities Huayi Knitting takes advantage of the trend and participates in the grand event Huayi Knitting's unique warp-knitted mesh disposable shorts, and the unique extensibility and breathability of warp-knitted mesh pants aroused the curiosity of many exhibitors.
They stopped to inquire about craftsmanship and products, and exchange business cards.